Just You and Me

September 13, 2017 in Birthdays, Crew, Disneyland, Traditions - No Comments

Our boys look forward to their birthday dates with intense anticipation and Troy is so good to schedule work from home days so we can make them happen. Crew patiently waited for his promised birthday bubbles since oh, January. The bubbles were a hit with the kids standing in the…


September 12, 2017 in Beach, Easter, Nash Relaxes, Swimming, Traditions - No Comments

We started Easter Sunday with church and the children’s choir that I lead sang a beautiful version of The Miracle. Of course everyone’s favorite part of the day was the post-church photo op. I kid. But we were feeling the love between the painful posed shots. My family came in…

Crew is Four

September 10, 2017 in Birthdays, Crew - No Comments

This boy has expressions for days and I just couldn’t narrow them down.   Four things I love about Crew: 1. He uses his full name when anyone asks him what his name is, but he blends it into one word; “CrewToddTanner.” 2. He says a few words incorrectly and…


September 10, 2017 in Arizona, Easter, Nash Relaxes, Vacations - No Comments

In an effort to catch up, which seems almost impossible now that the gap between real life and the documentation of life has grown exponentially, I’m going to jump way back to where I left off in April. Yes, April. Before we hit the road to come home after spring…

4th of July

Once again, I’ve fallen so far behind in keeping up this little corner of the web. I have so much to say about Easter, Crew’s 4th birthday, the end of the school year, our amazing trip to Thailand and house hunting through it all.  We’re moving in just a few…

Spring Break

May 16, 2017 in Arizona, Loveys, Swimming, Traditions - 1 Comment

We’ve been going to the desert for spring break ever since Blake started elementary school. It’s a quick drive to Arizona from California and it feels like an escape even if we don’t stray from our standard activities. Most of each day is spent in the pool. Occasionally we leave…

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