From Cold to Hot

January 2, 2017 in Cabin, Cousins, Swimming, Vacations - No Comments

Over Christmas break, we made sure to get our fill of snow because it had been two years since we had seen a winter wonderland. It took us about two hours to get everyone geared up to leave the house. Troy rounded up some awesome accessories in the process.

When our group of eleven people finally made it out the door, we gathered up the sleds and drove to an ideal sledding hill.

Finn was not amused by any of it. The cold, the layers of snow gear, the bumpy snow terrain making it difficult to walk. We replaced the mittens on his hands approximately 437 times but he refused to keep them on. He wanted nothing to do with outdoor winter activities.

He sledded down the hill with us a few times and then he was over it. And I was over it too because he wouldn’t let me put him down on the walk back up the hill.

Our other boys were much more eager sledders.

Blake and Nash hauled their sleds up the hill over and over so they could sled off the snow jumps. They got some serious air time.

Naturally, there were lots of wipeouts.

My niece only wanted to ride with me. I don’t think she trusted anyone else to avoid the snow jumps.

For all of the effort it took to get us to the sledding hill, it was short lived. Everyone was freezing after a half hour.

We had a nice warm hot tub awaiting us back at the cabin.

Still, the boys were crazy enough to mix the cold with the hot.

Their grandpa dared them to run into the snow.

Which somehow escalated into swimsuit snow angels, all for a quarter.

The boys sprinted back to the hot tub.

Meanwhile, Crew was the smart one who didn’t bother leaving that toasty warm water.

I loved how there were tiny icicles lining the patio chairs.

Crew was mesmerized by how quickly they melted when I broke them off for him.

One week of snow was the perfect amount to last me another year or two. We loved having a white Christmas, and we equally loved that we were heading back to sunshine and palm trees.

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