Christmas Build Up

December was a whirlwind like always. And since the flurry of activity isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I have made it a point to try to notice the little moments of joy amidst the chaos. There were a handful of peaceful, magical moments this year that I want to remember.

First was Blake’s first piano recital. He practiced for months to learn and memorize his piece and showed up the morning of his performance with no nerves, just excitement.

We sat on the wrong side of the stage to see his facial expressions, but he nailed his song.

We unwrapped and read our children’s books around the Christmas tree. It is my very favorite tradition; a chance to slow down for a few minutes each night and soak up the spirit of Christmas.

I got my Christmas cards designed, printed and mailed out approximately four days before Christmas. The feeling of dropping stacks of envelopes into the post office box, addressed, stamped and sealed, is unparalleled.

We went Nash’s first grade holiday performance at school.

Finn showered him with hugs afterwards.

Crew was the only one to make a gingerbread house this year, thanks to preschool.

He also got to go on a field trip at the fire station with his preschool buddies.

We can always count on Finn to mosey his way in to the group of preschool friends.

There’s just something about little boys and firetrucks.

Some of my favorite December moments were unpictured. Like when Blake shared his favorite candy bar with his brothers that he earned at piano without a thought of hesitation.

Or when Troy had the idea to tell the boys to get their pajamas on and jump in the car. We munched on popcorn while driving to a neighborhood known for Christmas lights and simultaneously listened to a Christmas devotional.

Or when we attended a live nativity narration in an outdoor theater and Crew asked excitedly at the end, “When are we going to have a baby Jesus at our house?”

Or when Nash’s primary teacher asked his class, “What did the Wise Men bring to baby Jesus?” and Nash answered, “Gold, peace and…somethin’ else.”

Or when we gathered up a bunch of friends and walked through a nearby neighborhood filled to the brim with decorated houses. The neighbors rotated who served complimentary hot chocolate each night and it felt so Christmassy. Until Crew knocked over a plastic Santa…

There’s so much to do in December and it’s impossible to fit it all in. We added a few new activities to our schedule this year and skipped out on a few as well. Somehow, amidst all of the shopping and Amazon Prime deliveries, the routine schoolwork, the bickering among siblings, the extra decorating and the holiday programs and parties, the spirit of Christmas seeped in.

Sometimes I think it would be easier to skip all of the hassle and headache that Christmas often is, but it’s those small, fleeting moments when the boys light up and love trumps chaos that make it all worth it.

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