Nash’s Seventh Birthday Party

I have to admit that I’m kind of partied-out, especially when two of our boys’ birthdays fall within a month of Christmas. So Troy and I were thrilled when we found out The LEGO Batman Movie was set to be released a week after Nash’s birthday. We ran the idea by Nash of having a movie theater party instead of a traditional party and he was beyond thrilled.

We picked up five of his friends and braced ourselves for an afternoon at the movies. They were easy to please with endless popcorn refills and an entertaining movie.

We headed out to the terrace afterwards for cupcakes and presents. It was too windy for Nash’s candle to stay lit so Troy improvised with a paper plate to block the breeze.

Sweet Blake put together a present with items from home for the occasion. Without me knowing, he wrapped up a Batman cape, mask and gloves for Nash.

I wouldn’t have even thought to adorn the birthday boy in Batman attire for the occasion. Nash wore those items with pride.

We let the boys run around the fountain and burn off some energy before delivering them back to their homes.

We retrieved the presents from the car before calling it a day.

Nash made sure to give each of his guests a hug after opening their gifts.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our seven year old LEGO lover.

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