Nash is Seven

March 29, 2017 in Birthdays, Nash - 1 Comment

Nash spent much of his 7th birthday in school and at basketball practice so we made sure to celebrate his advancement in age in the days surrounding his birthday. But he didn’t make it through his actual big day without a few gestures of birthday love. Our neighbors made him…

The Magical Height

March 27, 2017 in Crew, Disneyland - No Comments

We had some family in town at the end of January so while the older boys were at school I swept Crew away on a Disney date. My feisty, back-talking threenager probably shouldn’t have been rewarded with a Disney day, but something told me some one-on-one attention was just what…

Beach Day in January

March 24, 2017 in Beach, Friends - No Comments

We weren’t back in school long after Christmas break before we got a day off for MLK day. It was crisp and clear so we headed to the beach with friends. The ocean is not even close to being warm in January (or July for that matter), but the boys…

Disney Back to Back to Back

March 20, 2017 in Disneyland - No Comments

The minute we stepped back through the turnstiles leading to Disneyland an overwhelming feeling washed over us. It felt like being home. We surprised the boys with annual passes for Christmas and after taking a year off, the anticipation of going back was palpable. I understand that not everyone feels as…


March 9, 2017 in Church, Crew - No Comments

I’m still two months behind, but I’m finally crossing over into documenting 2017 which feels like progress!  We kicked off the new year by sending Crew to his first day of Primary. All of his preschool buddies are in Sunbeams too and since they are so familiar with each other,…

2016 TanFam

March 3, 2017 in Family Photos - No Comments

My friend and I decided to be each other’s photographers for our family Christmas cards this year instead of forking over the big bucks for professional sessions. I really only needed one shot, and after delaying for three weekends because of rain, we finally got our one shot the first…

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