Spring at DL

I was able to sneak away to Disneyland a couple of times in March with just my older boys. We love those days because we can power through lots of rides without dealing with strollers and height restrictions. We nicknamed the theme park “DL” while we talked about it around their little brothers so they wouldn’t catch on to our plans.

It was unusually hot the first week of March so it was a necessity to cool down with popsicles.

Our newest hobby at Disney is finding hidden Mickeys. We added a lot of sightings to our growing list.

A few weeks later, our best friends from Vegas decided last minute to come spend a couple of days at Disneyland. Naturally, we had to meet up with them. I didn’t tell the boys that their buddies were going to be there and the surprise was everything I imagined it would be. They were on cloud nine at their favorite place with their favorite friends all day.

The trees were in full spring bloom.

We’ve been watching the progress of Tower of Terror transform into Guardians of the Galaxy.

There’s only one ride that Nash isn’t tall enough for yet, so he relaxed while his friends were off on the roller coaster.

It’s tough being the smallest but a root beer float helped Nash wash away his sorrows.

These friends couldn’t get enough of each other.

It made my friend’s and my day more enjoyable too since there was no complaining or bickering.

Spring at DL does not disappoint.

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