Super Bloom

March 26, 2017 in Beach - No Comments

Southern California had an unusually rainy winter which was much needed because we’ve been in a drought for years. The best part about all the rain was how green everything turned. I was in awe every time I drove around. Every inch of the usually brown hills completely transformed into the greenest green.

Then, because the drought-stricken landscape was soaked over the winter, it created the perfect condition for wildflowers to spread. The sudden burst of color has been referred to as a “super bloom.”

We didn’t make it to some of the locations with the brightest displays of the super bloom, but even our favorite bluff trail walk overlooking the ocean was more vibrant than we’ve ever seen.

The boys always take their fishing poles on our hikes so they can collect magnetic ore.

The rainy season shut off pretty quickly and we can already see things drying up. But it was magnificent while it lasted.

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