Crew is Four

April 15, 2017 in Birthdays, Crew - No Comments

This boy has expressions for days and I just couldn’t narrow them down.

Four things I love about Crew:

  1. He uses his full name when anyone asks him what his name is, but he blends it into one word; “CrewToddTanner.”
  2. He says a few words incorrectly and I can’t bring myself to correct him. Some of my favorites are when he says, “Mom, that’s ridic-a-li-ous,” and “Can I wear my swimsoup?” His sense of time is off too and it’s very endearing. He’ll say things like, “Demember last night, when I was a baby?” He mixes up yesterday with years ago and last month with last night. In his mind, anything important that ever happened to him was in the last week.
  3. He finds and picks (sometimes when he shouldn’t) flowers for me anytime the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes he insists on getting out of the car after loading up because he forgot to find me a flower.
  4. He can go from a flower-bringing, snuggling, I love you-ing sweetheart to a feisty firecracker all in the same minute. He knows what he wants and he has no problem exerting his will upon his brothers, other kids, adults, strangers, you name it. His swim teacher claims that his arguments to get out of doing hard things are the funniest she’s ever heard. Let’s hope that feistiness turns into some good determination.

I wish I had an ounce of Crew’s excitement for life. His anticipation for small things makes everything more fun in our family and the build up to his fourth birthday was no exception.

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