We started Easter Sunday with church and the children’s choir that I lead sang a beautiful version of The Miracle. Of course everyone’s favorite part of the day was the post-church photo op.

I kid. But we were feeling the love between the painful posed shots.

My family came in town for our back-to-back weekend events; Crew’s birthday celebration and Easter. It’s always nice to have some extra place settings fill up our table.

We got through Easter dinner immediately following church so we could head to our favorite place.

The ocean is a tad cold in April but it didn’t stop the boys from diving in.

We weren’t quite done with our Easter celebrations yet though. We traded Easter baskets for sand buckets and hid eggs on the beach while the boys were playing in the water.

They were too funny digging their feet in the sand and getting ready to charge.

We had a countdown and set them off.

Blake and Nash found the majority of the eggs even though they weren’t hidden very discreetly. They redistributed so everyone had an even amount.

Who doesn’t love a little sand mixed with jelly beans?

Troy kicked back with his book while some of us played cards.

He wasn’t left alone for long.

I just love this so much.

Nash relaxed as usual.

None of us ever want to pack up and head home, but it was especially hard to leave the beach that night. I think sandy egg hunts may have to be our new Easter tradition.

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