Spring Break

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We’ve been going to the desert for spring break ever since Blake started elementary school. It’s a quick drive to Arizona from California and it feels like an escape even if we don’t stray from our standard activities.

Most of each day is spent in the pool.

Occasionally we leave the pool long enough to play in the yard.

We brought along all of the boys’ scooters this year. They were utilized often on the sloped street and driveway.

No trip would be complete without picnicking by the famous fountain in my parents’ town.

We were lucky enough to be in town for the annual movie in the park. We camped out on our chairs and blankets and watched the fountain erupt every hour behind the huge movie screen.

Baking treats with grandma is always worked into the schedule. Finn was mostly on observation duty along with his inseparable nie-night.

My mom and I took Blake and Nash to the new Legoland Discovery Center one morning.

We enjoyed the rides, Miniland display, 4D cinema and play zone. All four of us had a blast at the creative workshop building mosaic masterpieces.

While we were out with the two olders, we took an indirect route home to stop at Shake Shack.

I loved eating at Shake Shack when Troy and I were in NYCย a few years ago and I’ve been itching to go back ever since. The Scottsdale location was decked out for Easter.

We played a little ping pong while waiting for our food.

The food was worth all the hype. I’m glad this chain is spreading to locations outside New York. Someday I’ll make it up to the LA restaurant.

Another one of our favorite spring break traditions is an afternoon at the Fairmont Princess pool.

My dad and I took the three older boys to the sunny oasis while Finn napped.

I’m pretty sure Blake and Nash went down the waterslides at least 50 times.

The resort grounds were so pretty in their spring bloom.

Crew made a friend and they entertained themselves for an hour with a plastic cup.

I was thrilled to be able to go to my favorite yoga studio three times throughout the week; a luxury I don’t have often at home. My dad and I also took Blake and Nash on a hike in the desert.

Each turn along the trail was full of beauty that we don’t often see along the coast.

We spotted camouflaged wildlife in the rocks.

And planes flying above us in the sky.

At last, we reached the top.

It was not an easy hike. Blake tripped on the way back down and cut his hand and leg up. The boys both admitted it was not their favorite part of spring break.

The rock throwing made it slightly more bearable.

I thought it was good to push them even if they were slightly miserable. They knew the pool was awaiting them back at home which gave them an extra spring in their step towards the end.

Arizona in the spring sure is beautiful. I’m sure our spring break will look very similar next year and the year after that. We stick to what we know works and what everyone enjoys.

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  • Julie May 17, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Love all the pictures and spending time with the cute boys!

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