Memorial Day Weekend

June 1, 2017 in Beach, Friends, Swimming - No Comments

Our friends from Vegas came to spend Memorial Day Weekend with us and of course we headed straight to the beach.

We noticed this sign on the way back to the car. It must not have alarmed too many people because we saw plenty of surfers and swimmers in the ocean. It’s probably a good thing we didn’t know in advance or our beach day might have looked a bit different!

It’s always a good time with the Palmers. Our boys ask weekly when we are going to see them again. They all just adore each each other.

The adults escaped for a date night in Laguna Beach. We happened to overlook a wedding that was happening right below us on the beach.

Our friend Lincoln didn’t pack anything for the cool evening so Troy lent him one of his old soccer jackets. We laughed and laughed at those cute twinners in high school garb.

We love when friends come to visit so we have an extra reason to go to our favorite places.

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