Thailand in Motion

June 13, 2017 in Beach, Thailand, Vacations, Videos - No Comments

I’ve been editing photos and writing about our trip to Thailand all week. It’s been ten months since our trip, but as I was posting the other night I started craving Pad Thai. I was at a convention with Troy and he had a work dinner so I was on my own. I looked up the closest Thai restaurant in Chandler, Arizona (not exactly the mecca for Thai food) and drove 15 minutes to pick up takeout. I finally got back to the hotel room ready to dig in only to realize that they didn’t include utensils. Troy eventually hunted down a fork for me, but cold takeout Pad Thai in Arizona at 9pm sure wasn’t anything like the real deal in Thailand.

Thankfully I have this video to remember all of the details of our trip more clearly than I can with still photos. If only I could replicate the taste of that Pad Thai…

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