The Blue Ninjas

November 11, 2017 in Crew, Sports - No Comments

Crew waited years for it to be his turn to play a sport. After all the hype of his first practice and getting dressed 11 hours in advance, the practice got lightning-ed out. Even though day one was a bust, Crew was still all smiles because he got to pick up his soccer ball and meet his coach.

I love the program here for the first year of soccer. They have trainers work with the kids on soccer skills for the first 30 minutes and then play a quick game during the second half of the hour.

It is the perfect time commitment for 4 and 5 year olds.

Crew asked for a sno cone from the truck parked by the field every Saturday and one week we finally caved.

The real motivator, of course, was the trophy promised after the last game.

We officially made it through our first season of 3 kids involved in extracurriculars. I can’t imagine how much crazier it will get when we add in the 4th.

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