Skiing and Moving

February 11, 2018 in Arizona, Skiing - No Comments

Troy took the older boys on their first ski trip. Funny enough, when we lived near the mountains in Utah, we hardly ever skiied. Now that we live in California, we take trips to go skiing.

Blake and Nash did ski school and loved every minute of it. They advanced levels quicker than we were expecting and loved their instructors.

Blake joked that these were his favorite pictures because he didn’t have to look or smile.

Meanwhile, I took my own trip out of state with the little boys. My parents moved to a different house in Arizona and needed all the help they could get packing and moving. I don’t know how much help Crew and Finn were; they mostly rearranged rocks since all the toys were packed up, or asked for “finger cookies.”

They enjoyed checking out the tiny pond in my parents’ new backyard.

They literally spent hours playing with little pebble rocks, but when that got old, I took them down to Fountain Park to run around.

The long weekend was exhausting on all ends and everyone came back home with stories to share.

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