Winter According to my Phone

It still amazes me that we can can sit outside and eat ice cream cones during the winter. Crew had an incentive program at preschool that we rewarded with an ice cream date every few months.

Sometimes Finn got to tagalong too.
“Wear a winter apparel item day” at preschool made me laugh. It was equally funny to see a winter hat paired with shorts and a t-shirt and also imagine my Michigan friends rolling their eyes at this dress up day.

We took a preschool field trip to California Pizza Kitchen. It’s one of our favorite field trips because the kids get to make their own pizzas.

Nash and his friend Mikah were chosen to lead the entire school in a flag ceremony. While introducing them, his teacher raved about how they were veracious readers that came to school with stacks of books.

One of our friends parked his car in front of our driveway during the college football national championship game. It was dark and rainy and I backed up and hit it a few hours later; not expecting there to be a car there. Of course we paid for the damages but it was frustrating and expensive. Blake started a “car accident money donations” jar on my behalf with some spare change.
Troy and I worked on a major house project and I made a trip to Home Depot almost every day for months with my little sidekick.

Winter brings the coldest swim meets but it doesn’t matter if it’s 40 degrees at 7am warm ups. If there’s a swim meet, they swim.

Blake was hovering at just over a minute on his 50m breast stroke and I told him that when he broke a minute, I’d give him five dollars. It took him a few months and several swim meets but he did it!

Troy and I went to see an incredible Cirque du Soleil show with some friends.

Time marched forward as it always does and brought us in to the barber every six weeks for haircuts. They lined them all up and got the job done, just in time for spring break.

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