Crew is Five

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I know of no one who is as excited about holidays, especially birthdays, than Crew.

His 5th birthday fell on a Sunday and he couldn’t wait to get through church and celebrate. He opened a few gifts and showed off the charts excitement for each one.

We went to the park; so simple and Crew couldn’t have been happier. Especially because he learned how to jump off a moving swing.

It ended in a wrestling pile up of brothers. Just a typical day.

We capped off the night with Crew’s anticipated cake and ice cream.

Five things I love about my five year old:

1. Crew asked Alexa how many days until Tax Day (his birthday) for four months leading up to his birthday. He relayed that information on to every carpool driver, haircutter, Costco sample giver and stranger he came across. I sure hope his birthday lived up to the hype.

2. He is ultra affectionate. He is always wanting to give me a hug or kiss.

3. He loves his “comfy jammies.” He has a pair of fleecy pajamas and I commented once that I wanted to snuggle him up in his comfy jammies. Now he wants to wear them every single night, or at least the minute they come out of the dryer. He builds the anticipation all day by tempting me with, “Mommm, tonight I’m going to wear my comfy jammies and you’re going to want to snuggle me.” I match his excitement every time and it never gets old.

4. He is feisty and has no issue telling adults exactly how it is. It can be embarrassing, but it’s going to get him places.

5. His smile lights up the room and it’s hard not to be in a good mood when Crew is passionate about celebrating life.

The 365 day countdown till the next birthday began immediately…Happy Birthday Crew!

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