Mother’s Day

I usually only have one request for Mother’s Day and that is to get a photo with my boys. This year they did not disappoint. A photo with everyone looking and smiling? Best gift ever.

My brother and his family and my parents were in town which made it a really fun day. The boys’ cousin Ollie could fit right in as a brother.

One of the best moments of the weekend was when my mom, sister-in-law and I went to a special women’s conference and lunch, followed by a walk on the beach. When we pulled back into our driveway, we discovered that my dad had taken on a project to make the handle bars higher on our men’s bike. Nothing could prepare us for the height of those handle bars and we about died laughing when we saw him tinkering in the driveway.

My dad also taught Crew how to ride a bike in about ten minutes. Crew had already learned how to balance on his balance bike and I couldn’t believe what an easy transition it was to pedals.

It was so much fun for him to have a big crowd cheering him on.

Crew couldn’t get enough and rode around and around well past dark.

This Mother’s Day was a good one.

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