Spring According to My Phone

As usual, much of our on-the-go activities ended up on my phone camera roll.

Finn tagged along for many baseball games and practices.

Blake did an overnight sleep study to see if his large tonsils were obstructing his sleep and needed to be removed.

Thankfully, the results determined he wouldn’t need surgery.

Blake also had an EEG test to rule out some things and spent 24 hours connected to wires and a backpack monitor. He wasn’t about to leave the house in that getup but we played a lot of board games in the backyard.

It turned into a reading nook/hangout for the day.

It’s always a big deal to pull out the rain boots and umbrella on rainy days.

We scootered to end-of-school performances.

We ended up with a whole lot of boys at our house after school one day and of course they couldn’t just take the sidewalk.

We enjoyed our sunshiny spring park days.

Crew watched butterflies form and hatch at preschool.

I went to a “Muffins with Mom” breakfast with Crew to kick off Mother’s Day weekend.

My mom and I went to a women’s conference to hear Sheri Dew speak on Mother’s Day weekend and ended the outing with lunch and a walk on the beach.

Blake expanded his cooking repertoire.

It’s too bad the children under 6 can’t read since Nash was so clear on the rules of the room.

I took Nash on a one-on-one date to go rock climbing and he fell in love.

He especially liked picking out a book at Barnes and Noble afterwards and couldn’t wait until we got home to dig into it.

Just like that, Maycember ended, school was out for the summer and it was on to figuring out how to keep the boys entertained all day everyday.

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