Recipe for a Southern California Day

Recipe for a Southern California Day:

Step 1: Climb a tree at Salt Creek Beach while waiting for the trolley.

Step 2: Put on some shades.

Step 3: Gather your cousins and jump on the trolley.

Step 4: Admire the ocean view while riding up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Step 5: Don’t let the wind blow you away.

Step 6: Get Laguna’s best gelato and share with your brother in the back alley.

Step 7: Walk through a Laguna Beach art museum.

Step 8: Head to Laguna Beach.

Step 9: Find the beach playground equipment.

Step 10: Climb the sloped tree trunk.

Step 11: Jump!

Step 12: Ignore the tantrummer.

Step 13: Scratch that; dog pile on the tantrummer.

Step 14: Cousin pile-up.

Step 15: Convince the trantrummer to join you.

Step 16: Jump on the trolley again and take in the PCH views.

Step 17: Cap off a beautiful day at the local pool.

Step 18: Repeat this tradition every year.

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