Lake Mead

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We stopped in Vegas for a few days on the way home from Utah. We were so excited to get in more boating time with our good friends.

The air temperature was around 115ยฐ, which meant the lake was so warm it was barely refreshing. We jumped in and out constantly, not even needing to use towels to dry off.

Crew cozied right up to his idol, London, who is seven years older than him. Crew has never been one to let age stand between his friendships, and he talked London’s ear off about all things Minecraft (which he has rarely played).

Crew wore himself right out in that warm breeze.

The boat brought out the relaxation in all of us.

The highlight of the day was cliff jumping.

Tubing ranked highly as well.

Nash and his best buddy Liam talked for hours about who knows what. There is never a silent moment with those two.

We threw Crew on a tube and he was not a fan.

I can just hear his feisty little voice shouting at us with the vein in his neck popping out, “I SAID to stop! And you didn’t stop!”

It’s a good thing the water is his happy place or he might not have recovered from that.

A bunch of us tried wakeboarding but Lincoln showed us how it’s really done.

We were having too much fun to leave the lake so we stayed through sunset.

Even at night it was still blazing hot, so we added in a few more lake dips.

It’s always a party with the Palmers.

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