On the Lake

The best part about being in Park City over the summer is spending time on the lake. Our boating trips have become few and far between since we moved to California, so we make sure to soak it up when we have the chance.

We’ve been going out on the same boat, on the same lake, for as long as our boys can remember. When I think about all of the boating memories we’ve made over the years, gathered together in that confined space with nothing but water, mountains and sky surrounding us, I feel all sorts of nostalgia.

This year followed suit from years past with cold water entrances, life jacket rashes, music blaring, snacks abounding, being thrown overboard,ย stressing over launching the boat, surprise splashings, surfboard crashings, nervousness to try new tricks, lots on cheering on, and above all, lots of laughing and talking.

Nash is always on board for a relaxation shot.

We typically spend hours and hours on the lake which can produce a little grumpiness.

It’s usually nothing a sandwich or a treat can’t fix.

The boys are so excited when the tube comes out, which is actually more like a lounge chair.

Even in August, Jordanelle doesn’t get very warm, so it feels really nice to blast the heater tube after a dip in the lake.

Blake attempted surfing but was more comfortable with the knee board.

Another day, we made it out on the lake in the evening to soak up the golden light, which is hands down my favorite.

We even braved the water.

Crew did some meditating.

And then Finn copied him, of course.

Crew also entertained us with his dance moves.

There was some tubing on the golden water. The beauty gets me every time.

We always appreciate our boat driver, who has just the right speeds perfected for each activity.

On our third day on the lake, we invited our friends from California to join us. Blake and Talon are best friends and we’ve gotten to know his family through the years. They take trips to Park City every summer and their vacation happened to line up with ours. We packed a lot of boys into one boat and they had a blast.

Nash and Nolan hit the tube first.

Blake and Talon cheered them on and schemed up tricks for when it was their turn.

They thought it would be a good idea to climb over the back of the tube while being pulled.

I’m not sure if it panned out exactly like they had planned, but they had a lot of fun moving around while Troy tried to knock them off.

Nash and I taught our friends how to surf and they picked it up so fast.

Boating with friends is always a good idea.

We made it out on the lake one last time before our trip came to an end.

I love how the rocking of the boat lulls you to sleep.

I tried to take my own little doze, but the boys didn’t let that last long.

Grandpa let Nash take a stab at the wheel.

And impressed us with his surfing skills.

All of our traditional boating activities are anticipated and so much fun to carry out, but I think where the magic happens is in all of the togetherness.

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