Utah According to My Phone

We packed in a lot during our week in Utah. We spent time with family and friends on the lake, we went on hikes and walks, we enjoyed an outdoor concert, and we soaked up down time around the cabin.

I have just a few more things captured by my phone that I don’t want to forget.

When we started our road trip there, we picked up Blake and Nash from their Jr. Lifeguard camp at the beach with our fully packed vehicle and immediately hit the road, sandy swimsuits and all. We had planned to only drive half way to Park City since we got a late start, but when the boys kept dozing off, we decided to just keep going. We didn’t arrive until around 2am, but sometimes it’s nicer to not have to deal with a hotel.

We always love to see the “roller coaster landmark” near Vegas.

And of course, stunning sunsets from the road.

We met up with good friends from our old neighborhood for dinner one evening, and then paid a surprise visit to another one of our favorite families. Those now grown-up kids used to entertain my wiggly boys every Sunday at church.

We took a break from the lake one day to bring our boys to BYU. They had never really been on a college campus, and it was fun to show them our old stomping grounds.

We showed them the library where Troy used to study for hours and I worked on family history when we were first married. They weren’t all that interested in our old study corners, but they were fascinated by the moveable shelves.

We took them through the engineering and business buildings, and ended at the music building. We found some practice pianos for Blake and Nash to play.

We had lots of good discussions on how hard it is to get accepted into a good school. The boys asked question after question and we were happy to get the wheels turning about college.

Another day, we hit up the local small town bowling alley that hasn’t changed a bit since the 1960s. The boys were pretty excited when they spotted a ball with my name on it.

The drive home is always dreaded, but we broke up our drive with a few days in Vegas.

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