August Little Things

We kicked off August with Junior Lifeguards.

This time, the little brothers joined the daycamp lineup.

The camp is a vigorous mix of ocean safety and swimming skills. The rotations switch each day and they find out immediately when they arrive each morning if the dreaded “swim-run-swim” is on the schedule.

On one of the days the older boys were at camp, Crew and Finn went to a Dr. Suess camp put on by some neighbor girls. They made “Cat in the Hat” kabobs.

We had a street ice cream social one summer evening. I love that we do these gatherings.

I don’t think the kids mind either.

Finn had his fair share of battling with asthma and fevers, per usual.

Nash decided the cliff on the beach would be a good place for rock climbing.
When he fell a few minutes later and scraped up his wrist, he second guessed that idea. The lifeguard wrapped him all up in bandages.

Nash drew quite the crowd with the lifeguard intervention. Our friends that were at the beach with us captured the excitement.

Nash wasn’t down for long, it was too beautiful of a day to waste.

Maybe I’m biased, but the Laguna Beach coves have to be some the prettiest places in the world.

We ended our summer series of weekly ward beach day with one last trip to Riviera Beach.

All of the four and five year old boys played follow the leader with Blake and his friend.

This went on for hours and was quite entertaining for both the participants and the observers.

We cranked out the last of our summer bucket list items before school started. We made it over to a club pool we’ve been wanting to try out with inflatable water slides.

One of Blake’s friends set up an inflatable slide in his front yard for a day and that was also a hit.

I love finding notes like this on the piano.
Crew wrapped up his weekly summer soccer camp.
He also thought it would be funny to wear every hat we own.

One night, Nash and I ended up on a date, shopping for school supplies. We couldn’t resist getting Finn a monster lunch box with zip up teeth.


Then it was off to school. Blake and his best friend Talon ended up in the same class which they were pumped about.

Crew met up with lots of his friends from church on the first day of kindergarten.

Finn was over the moon excited to start his first year of preschool.

With all four boys overlapping at school for a few hours, two days a week, I took advantage. My alone time mostly consisted of errands and work, but occasionally, I fit in a workout or brunch on the beach to celebrate a birthday.

Crew and I have had a special song as long as I can remember.


We had a full summer with lots of togetherness and memories made, but I have to say, it felt amazing after more than a decade of having little ones at home to be the kind of person who could say “yes” to brunch on a Tuesday morning.

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