Four Beaches, One Weekend

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Troy surprised me over my birthday weekend with a night away in La Jolla.

We walked around to watch the sea lions, set up our beach chairs at a grassy park overlooking the ocean, talked until sunset and ate at a delicious Italian restaurant.

Apparently I can’t smile normally for a photo taken just of me, but I want to remember that little getaway and the funny discussion we had.

The next morning, we went for a run along the shore followed by a leisurely brunch. We sat out by the pool all day and I worked through some editing while Troy read. My favorite kind of day. Troy offered to give me another night alone so I could catch up on more work. Usually, the gift of time away would be a dream come true. But it sounded a little sad to spend my actual birthday (the following day) alone. My parents were in town and I didn’t want to miss out on all of the fun with my family. So, we drove home just in time to meet up with everyone and catch another sunset at our local Aliso Beach.

Blake is always building some sort of contraption and this particular night it was a soccer ball ramp with bumps and jumps.

An unpictured memory was Troy trying to teach my mom how to play corn hole. She wasn’t quite getting the beanbags in the hole, or even near the board, but after many tries, she sunk one beanbag. We all shouted with excitement and Troy remarked, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” We laughed so hard about that.

My birthday fell on Labor Day and Blake, Nash and I woke up early so we could show my dad our newfound favorite bike ride from our house to Doheny Beach.

The soccer ball made another appearance once we reached the sand; this time as a balancing apparatus.

We recruited Troy to give us a ride back home and packed up the whole fam to spend the rest of the day at our fourth beach of the weekend, Riviera Beach in San Clemente.

I love having a long weekend right after school starts so we can squeeze out a few more days of summer fun. Celebrating my advancement in age with my boys and my parents just made it that much better. I’d say we got our maximum fill of beaches.

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