Fun Run

The Fun Run is always a highly anticipated event. The school revs the students up all week with cheers, class colors and fundraiser competitions. Crew was so excited to officially join the lineup after cheering his brothers on for so many years.

Blake and Nash both ended up on the red team, so we went all out with red hair dye and accessories. Crew represented the blue team and had no interest in dying his hair blue.

It’s no secret that I love events where the whole community is out, even if it means walking back and forth to the school three times to support each of my elementary boys. First up was Nash with the 3rd graders.

He made a few pit stops to get his little brother to laugh.

Gotta love the post-race popsicle.

Next up was Crew with the kindergartners.

He was pretty excited about the opportunity to pour water on himself in between laps.

The last event of the day was the 5th graders where the Fun Run is taken to the next level. Excitement levels were through the roof as the class prepared to charge the field.

It is tradition for brothers to high five and cheer each other on each time they circle around.

What made Blake’s run extra thrilling was the addition of color squirt bottles. The color run is a rite of passage in the last year of elementary school.

They started out with just a few splotches of color on their shirts as they were sprayed each lap.

The color coverage escalated quickly.

The Fun Run was a huge success and it’s one of our favorite days of elementary school.

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