Red Sox and Newport

October 29, 2018 in Beach, Newport, Red Sox - No Comments

We headed to Newport Beach on a World Series game day. The Red Sox were up 3-1 and we were hoping that some pre-game beach vibes would secure their victory.

Blake stayed home to work on homework but my other three were happy to get some fresh air and represent the Red Sox.

We’ve got the Newport routine down and we were hoping that if we did all of our traditions in the right order, it would be our good luck charm. First, we biked along the boardwalk.

Next, we took the ferry over to Balboa Island.

The boys gobbled up some Balboa Bars.ย 

Beautiful sunset clouds sprawled across the sky as we headed back to the ferry, which seemed like a pretty good sign.

We admired the glowing Halloween lanterns.

Even though we passed a lot of Dodgers fans who weren’t exactly cheering on our Red Sox apparel, there was an exciting pre-game energy at Newport Beach and it pumped us up to cheer on our favorite team. Our good luck charm rituals must have worked because the Red Sox won the World Series later that night!

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