September Little Things

We hit September head on with school and activities. It was rare to not be running around each evening, but I loved catching an occasional golden hour at the end of our street.

We got roped into buying books at the back-to-school book fair like always.

With Finn away at preschool two mornings a week, I had a chance to volunteer weekly in Crew’s kindergarten class. I either helped out in the STEM lab or with STEM-related activities.

Finn didn’t last long in preschool before clocking a few sick days.

The boys were carted around to soccer practice and swim practice for their brothers and found ways to entertain themselves on the sidelines.

Sometimes we brought swimsuits and jumped in the pool while Blake was at swim practice.

It’s always a highlight when a device needs a repair and requires a trip to the Apple store. There are just the right number of iPads to play on.

One day we were going through a drive-through and the slanting sun rays were lighting up the willow bushes so beautifully that I made Blake stick my phone out the window to take a photo.

Even though we’re constantly running around, I’m never too busy to notice and soak up a good golden hour.


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