November Little Things

We kicked off November with a trip to the orthodontist to trade in Halloween candy for cash. The boys were very excited about those crisp dollar bills.

We couldn’t let a month pass without visiting our favorite place.

We also couldn’t let a month pass without an inevitable sick kid.

My brother was in town for work and helped us put up some Christmas lights. I was so grateful for the help and to have it done early.

Crew went on an aquarium date with Troy and fell in love with a stuffed baby shark. It didn’t leave his side for weeks.

Darling turkey hats were made in kindergarten.

I’m a sucker for a good sunset and Blake and I spotted one on the way home from swim practice one night.

He popped his head out of the sunroof to get a better view.

It was so good that we drove as high up in the hills as we could to catch every inch of color.

And that’s a wrap for November.

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