April Little Things

Sometimes Finn is sly enough to sneak his nie-night into Target. When you’re the baby, you get away with a lot. 

It’s a sad day when Finn’s beloved stuffed animal has to be washed. He stands on a stool next to the washing machine and watches it spin.

I took the boys to a hotel near Disneyland for a little 2 night staycation over spring break. They were beyond excited to stay at a hotel. It was nothing fancy, but they gasped about all the little things, “It has a window!” “There’s an alarm clock!” “Check out the bathroom!”

Blake made some origami treasures to hide around the park, hoping people would find them.

We love staying for the night shows…

…and wearing our baby right out.

We spent lots of time at the pool.

Crew is in a shark-obsessed phase, so we checked out some shark books from the library.


Blake went to 5th grade science camp. While they waited for the buses to arrive, parents and students gathered on campus to send them on their way.

They spent four days away from home and had a great time.

Crew also went on a school field trip.

We lined up all the boys at once at the dentist.

Crew loves to take a photo with the giant giraffe while we’re there.

Finn got a nice little shiner on his head.

He also was very sick with his typical asthma flare-up. I didn’t mind the extra snuggles. 

Troy gave me the gift of time as an early Mother’s Day present because he has to work on Mother’s Day this year. He sent me away to a hotel in Newport Beach for 24 hours and it was dreamy. I watched a movie, slept in, and went on a run to Balboa Island.

I spent all afternoon on a comfortable couch in the shade by the pool, editing pictures and documenting life. I wasn’t ready to go home, so I extended the getaway by stopping at Panera for some more computer work.

Blake perfected his pogo stick skills, and then we were on to May.



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