Christmas Lights 2017

My brother Jorden has aways been into decorating with Christmas lights and each year gets bigger and better.

He taught himself how to use software to sync an entire light show to music.

He came to California for Christmas and decided to take all of the lights off his house in Utah and bring them to California. He replaced my second story Christmas lights with quite the spectacle of lights. The lights danced to music from our own radio station channel so drivers could watch and listen from their cars.

Jorden spent an entire day walking around on our roof and building structures to set up the lights. My mom and I were simultaneously wrapping gifts in the upstairs guest room and had the windows open so we could feel the breeze. We were all in our own worlds with the tasks we were working on. I mentioned to my mom that I needed a screwdriver to assemble one of the gifts I was wrapping, and instantly, my brother’s arm appeared through the window with a screwdriver in hand.

We still laugh to this day about the magical appearance of the screwdriver.

Our whole family came outside for the big reveal and we blasted the music on speakers so our neighbors had no question of our presence. They started joining us on the street and the boys thought our synchronized light show was the coolest thing ever.


Now they just have to learn how to map Christmas lights too so we can have a display even when my brother doesn’t relocate his lights from one state to another.

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