We had a major pinhole leak in our kitchen, which seems to be our summer curse. After a whirlwind week of plumbers, field adjusters, and a water mitigation team in and out of our house, we decided to get out of town for a long weekend. Especially because our entire kitchen was torn up and unusable. We braved the June heat and headed to Arizona.

There’s something about being away that just makes quality time easier. We lived in the pool, played card games, saw a movie, and enjoyed my parents’ functional kitchen.

I’ve learned that this is how pool time goes with four boys: jumping on each other, splashing each other, wrestling with each other, tormenting each other, or attacking each other. They beg me to join them and it’s so hot out that I’m willing, even if it means getting in the middle of it all. Even though they’re crazy, when I watch them all from the sidelines, my heart swells. They are so lucky to have each other to grow up with, and the years that they have together are so brief.

Blake taught Crew how to dive.

We also spent a day at our favorite Fairmont Scottsdale Princess pool because it’s tradition.

Arizona for the win.

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