Elementary Graduate

Blake wrapped up his elementary career. It went by so fast.

The 5th graders had a special carnival day to celebrate their completion of elementary school.

There was also a 5th grade promotion ceremony. It started at 8:30am and Blake lectured me before school on how I needed to get there early to sit towards the front, otherwise I wouldn’t see him. My mom was in town and we walked over at 8:20am, but of course it was already packed. Right as we walked in, we saw a janitor with a stack of chairs, so we followed him and snagged the two extra chairs he added to the front row. When Blake took his place on the bleachers, I could see him scanning the audience to find me. He finally spotted me in the front and when we locked eyes, a look of pure shock and amazement took over his face. He threw up his hands and mouthed, “HOW?!?!” He had no faith in my ability to get a good seat and my mom and I laughed so hard.

Blake loved his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Smith.

There was a clap out on the final day of school and I instantly cried when the 5th graders started walking through the tunnel of parents with balloons and confetti.

Just like that, we have a middle schooler.

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