May Little Things

Blake and Nash had a piano recital.

Blake did his 5th grade “wax museum” report on John Adams.ย 

Finn wrapped up preschool by watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly.

I got to join him for a special Mother’s Day breakfast.

And then go straight to watch Crew’s kindergarten performance.

We had a pool day with our “frousins.”

My friend Jaime passed away after a long battle with cancer and I was asked to design a print to display at her funeral.

We spent an afternoon tying yellow ribbons on every tree leading from her house to the church where the funeral service was held.

It’s a good day when you are assigned car #7, your lucky number, on Autopia.

Nash was oblivious and completely absorbed in his Disneyland sketches.

Finn had a great time blow drying my hair, or should I say blasting me with a “gun.”

We love our bike rides to the park.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch the bubble guy at San Clemente Pier.

Nash created an entire suit of armor out of cardboard.

We watched some baby birds hatch and grow in our backyard.

Blake had an orchestra concert.

We wrapped up Crew’s baseball season with a team party at the beach.

It was fun to get to know the moms over the course of the season.

The biggest surprise of all was when one of the dads arranged for an ice cream truck to show up at the party, and prepaid for the kids to get whatever they wanted.

A trophy and sugar, what more could a little boy want?

We ended the party with a beach bonfire, where Blake and his friend happily burned their 5th grade math workbooks.

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