A Boy and His Bike

January 13, 2020 in Crew, Golden Light - No Comments

It’s 2020! Time to dust off the old blog. I’m about a year and a half behind on documenting our lives and I just can’t give it up or skip ahead. Too much good has happened to jump to the present. I love writing records and I’m so glad for this little corner of the Internet where I can make some semblance of all the strands of memories I want to weave into place.

I have big goals to get caught up back to present this year, so let’s jump back to where I left off; summer 2018 and a boy and his bike.

It was our first summer in our new neighborhood and I was looking forward to it so much. With no house hunting or moving on the horizon, the summer felt wide open with possibilities. It’s no secret how much I love our little cul-de-sac. Especially when the golden light floods in each evening and leaves long shadows.

With newfound biking skills, Crew spent his long summer days riding around and around the circle.

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