Fun Run

The Fun Run is always a highly anticipated event. The school revs the students up all week with cheers, class colors and fundraiser competitions. Crew was so excited to officially join the lineup after cheering his brothers on for so many years. Blake and Nash both ended up on the…

Four Beaches, One Weekend

June 21, 2020 in Beach, Birthdays - No Comments

Troy surprised me over my birthday weekend with a night away in La Jolla. We walked around to watch the sea lions, set up our beach chairs at a grassy park overlooking the ocean, talked until sunset and ate at a delicious Italian restaurant. Apparently I can’t smile normally for…

Finn is Four

May 12, 2020 in Birthdays, Finn - No Comments

Just like that, my baby turned four. He only had one wish for his birthday; a robot cake. I did my best to make his robot cake dreams come true, even though it meant scrambling at the last minute to find the right cake pan and cake supplies. Finn’s birthday…

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