Skiing and Moving

May 11, 2019 in Arizona, Skiing - No Comments

Troy took the older boys on their first ski trip. Funny enough, when we lived near the mountains in Utah, we hardly ever skiied. Now that we live in California, we take trips to go skiing. Blake and Nash did ski school and loved every minute of it. They advanced…


September 10, 2017 in Arizona, Easter, Nash Relaxes, Vacations - No Comments

In an effort to catch up, which seems almost impossible now that the gap between real life and the documentation of life has grown exponentially, I’m going to jump way back to where I left off in April. Yes, April. Before we hit the road to come home after spring…

Spring Break

May 16, 2017 in Arizona, Loveys, Swimming, Traditions - 1 Comment

We’ve been going to the desert for spring break ever since Blake started elementary school. It’s a quick drive to Arizona from California and it feels like an escape even if we don’t stray from our standard activities. Most of each day is spent in the pool. Occasionally we leave…

Christmas Kick-Off

January 31, 2017 in Arizona, Christmas - 1 Comment

While we were in the desert for Thanksgiving, we were invited to the tree lighting ceremony at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. My dad had access passes to a VIP dinner in the ballroom prior to the tree lighting. My mom volunteered to stay home with Finn and the rest of…

Spring Break in the Desert

April 14, 2016 in Arizona, Swimming, Traditions, Vacations - 1 Comment

If I’m being real, our spring break this year was largely overshadowed by some fierce germs, sleepless nights, constant bickering and complaints of being bored by 8:30am. Yes, we did manage to fit in a trip to the desert. I’ve lost any expectations of trips feeling like “vacations” with four…


April 13, 2016 in Arizona, Nash, Swimming - No Comments

Nash came up to me on a Saturday to show me his first loose tooth. To my surprise, it was really loose! He worked on it all weekend and sure enough, it fell out while he was swimming on Monday. The only problem was, it immediately sunk to the bottom…

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