August 27, 2008 in Bath Time, Blake, Blakeisms - 7 Comments

I know I am always saying this, but Blake is at such a fun age right now. He is starting to develop some true “Blakeisms.” “Look, mom, I built these towers all by myself! OK, maybe I had a little help from Grandma.” Blake loves, loves, loves to eat. He…

Single Mommyhood

Troy is in New York for ten days on a business trip which has left me to conquer life as a single mom. I definitely haven’t been bored with all of the projects I have been working on, but I am a little lonesome. Evenings are the worst without my…

10 Days Old

December 18, 2007 in Bath Time, Blake, Sleeping - 4 Comments

How time flies! Blake is already 10 days old and I feel like we are going to be sending him off to college any minute. I’m a little hesitant about him growing up. It is so much fun to see his little personality developing already. Here are a few of…