Hawaiian Reunion

Going to Hawaii with some of our oldest and dearest friends was a dream come true. Troy and I were the first to arrive on the island because we traveled the shortest distance from California. We soaked up the views from the air as we spotted O’ahu. We stocked up…

November Little Things

January 14, 2022 in Beach, iphoneography, Kindergarten - No Comments

We kicked off November with a trip to the orthodontist to trade in Halloween candy for cash. The boys were very excited about those crisp dollar bills. We couldn’t let a month pass without visiting our favorite place. We also couldn’t let a month pass without an inevitable sick kid….

Red Sox and Newport

February 25, 2021 in Beach, Newport, Red Sox - No Comments

We headed to Newport Beach on a World Series game day. The Red Sox were up 3-1 and we were hoping that some pre-game beach vibes would secure their victory. Blake stayed home to work on homework but my other three were happy to get some fresh air and represent…

Sick Day Beach Day

February 24, 2021 in Beach, Swimming - No Comments

My parents came to town for my mom’s 60th birthday celebration and even though we offered to take her to a nice dinner or have a party, all she wanted to do was go to the beach. When Nash was fighting a cough on the big day, we just took…

Four Beaches, One Weekend

June 21, 2020 in Beach, Birthdays - No Comments

Troy surprised me over my birthday weekend with a night away in La Jolla. We walked around to watch the sea lions, set up our beach chairs at a grassy park overlooking the ocean, talked until sunset and ate at a delicious Italian restaurant. Apparently I can’t smile normally for…

August Little Things

We kicked off August with Junior Lifeguards. This time, the little brothers joined the daycamp lineup. The camp is a vigorous mix of ocean safety and swimming skills. The rotations switch each day and they find out immediately when they arrive each morning if the dreaded “swim-run-swim” is on the…