On the Lake

I just went through my past posts that were categorized under boating and I got all sorts of nostalgic. Each of our boys made their maiden voyage as a baby and have continued to make memories on the boat year after year. They have never known a summer without lifejackets, buoys, a…

On the Dock

September 2, 2015 in Blake, Boating, Crew, Vacations - 1 Comment

Just a few more straggling photos from our trip to the mountains. I think Crew had much more fun on the dock than he did on the boat. He had an incident back in the spring where he fell in a pool and was immediately rescued. I think it scarred…

On the Lake

Our summer filled up so fast that somehow we didn’t make it out on the boat until mid-July. When I announced our plans the morning of the outing, the boys may have been more excited than they were for Christmas. After a battery-charging delay (it’s always something), we ventured onto…

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