Thirty Years of Troy

September 29, 2013 in Birthdays, Books, Troy - No Comments

In addition to Troy’s 30th birthday surprise trip to San Francisco to watch the Red Sox game, I had one more present for him to open on our sunrise flight. I made him a hardbound book full of pictures from his life and messages from people he loves. It was…

At Sea

Sailing days were among my favorites. We liked to get up and go to the gym, lay by the pool and read, eat way too much food, tune in to the European Cup games (in German) and get more sleep than we ever would at home. We had a few…

Book Love

April 8, 2011 in Blake, Books - 3 Comments

We love books. Blake has taken a special interest in reading books over the last few months. He will sit on my lap for up to an hour with his attention completely focused on story after story. I look forward to our special daily reading time while Nash is napping. It…


April 23, 2010 in Books, Nash, Sleeping, Thumbsucking - No Comments

Hallelujah, Nash is officially sleeping through the night! The first few nights when a baby sleeps for such an extended period of time is exciting but also nerve wracking. I don’t benefit from uninterrupted sleep because I wake up every hour wondering why he hasn’t woken up to eat and…

Gearing Up

January 29, 2010 in Books, Indoor Activities, Pregnancy - 4 Comments

We have finally been getting ready for the baby around here. I decided to put off anything baby-related until after Christmas. I figured that would leave me plenty of time to prepare for our new arrival, but other tasks have seemed to take precedence since the holidays. First it was…

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