Mountain Air

February 20, 2020 in Cabin, Vacations - No Comments

In August, we packed up and headed to the mountains for a week to spend time with family, exploring and boating. I always say that I prefer the ocean over the mountains, but there is something special about the mountains in the summer. We spent our first night in Park…

Nerf Wars

After spending hours taking family photos, Grandma revealed that she had one more present for her grandkids to open. Nerf guns and more darts that you can imagine were the perfect way to rein in those restless cousins. After some crying within the first few minutes of receiving their nerf…

From Cold to Hot

February 27, 2017 in Cabin, Cousins, Swimming, Vacations - No Comments

Over Christmas break, we made sure to get our fill of snow because it had been two years since we had seen a winter wonderland. It took us about two hours to get everyone geared up to leave the house. Troy rounded up some awesome accessories in the process. When…