Christmas Duds

February 18, 2017 in Christmas - 1 Comment

I had the genius idea to capture the boys in their Christmas clothes the Sunday before Christmas while we were still in sunny California and not buried in two feet of snow. I didn’t factor into the equation the fact that we were coming from three hours of church and…

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

February 3, 2017 in Christmas - 2 Comments

Santa paid a visit to one of our local town clubhouses the first weekend of December. The boys were already dressed up from attending Blake’s piano recital, so we headed straight to visit jolly ol’ St. Nick afterwards. Waiting in line was hands down the boys’ favorite part. At least…


February 1, 2017 in Christmas - 1 Comment

Our first order of business after arriving home from our Thanksgiving trip was putting up the tree. It sat empty for a few days until we got around to hanging the ornaments. When I opened the bin containing the tree decorations, the boys had other ideas.

Christmas Kick-Off

January 31, 2017 in Arizona, Christmas - 1 Comment

While we were in the desert for Thanksgiving, we were invited to the tree lighting ceremony at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. My dad had access passes to a VIP dinner in the ballroom prior to the tree lighting. My mom volunteered to stay home with Finn and the rest of…


We spent a few days down the coast in Carlsbad in between Christmas and New Years. The main reason for the quick getaway was to spend a day at Legoland. We told Nash when he turned five that he could earn a big prize if he stopped sucking his thumb….

Christmas Round Two

January 18, 2016 in Christmas, Tanner Family - 1 Comment

Our trip to the desert was short; we turned around two days after Christmas to head back home. Troy’s family stayed at our house while we were gone, so as soon as we arrived, we prepared for Christmas round two. Troy gave me a hard time about putting up the…

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