Full Circle

September 13, 2013 in College, Michigan, Vacations - 1 Comment

As we began the two hour drive back to the beach from visiting my best friends in mid-Michigan (here), I started passing Michigan State University signs. I wasn’t planning on stopping by after an already late start, but my vehicle practically exited itself when we got to Trowbridge Road. I…


April 5, 2011 in College, Friends - 4 Comments

We couldn’t avoid our friends that we’ve been waiting to see for so long all weekend. So, we took our chances with the boys being sick and came home to spend time with them on their last night in town. Jimmy was one of our best friends in college. He…

A Trip Down MSU Lane

On our last day in Michigan, we met up with some friends and walked around Michigan State’s campus. I found myself feeling incredibly nostalgic for college days. We pushed our strollers along the Red Cedar river and talked about so many memories that we made together. Although none of us…

Congratulations Troy

April 26, 2008 in College, Troy - 4 Comments

Troy is officially a college graduate. I am so proud of him. He worked incredibly hard in school and received straight A’s since coming to BYU (even last semester when he took finals a week after Blake was born). We talked to some of his professors before the convocation. They all raved…

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