Crew is Five

April 16, 2018 in Birthdays, Crew - No Comments

I know of no one who is as excited about holidays, especially birthdays, than Crew. His 5th birthday fell on a Sunday and he couldn’t wait to get through church and celebrate. He opened a few gifts and showed off the charts excitement for each one. We went to the…

Scooters and Rain Boots

January 8, 2018 in Crew, Finn - No Comments

The first week back to school after Christmas break has historically been rainy and this year was no exception. Our “fall” comes in January and the trees lose their leaves for a short season. Crew and Finn hopped on their scooters in pajamas and rain boots on a rainy morning…

The Blue Ninjas

November 11, 2017 in Crew, Sports - No Comments

Crew waited years for it to be his turn to play a sport. After all the hype of his first practice and getting dressed 11 hours in advance, the practice got lightning-ed out. Even though day one was a bust, Crew was still all smiles because he got to pick…

Crew the Pirate

October 28, 2017 in Crew, Halloween - No Comments

Some costumes are too good to retire after one year and that’s how Crew felt about the pirate costume. He wouldn’t consider dressing up as anything else. That made my job easier too. Win win. If only we had inflatables like some of our neighbors, then all of Crew’s Halloween…

Aspiring Astronauts

May 26, 2017 in Crew, Friends, Preschool - No Comments

I picked up Crew from preschool co-op one day and found him and all his friends dressed up as astronauts. Apparently it was space day. And in a group with five preschool boys, space day led to taking all of the cushions off the couch and flying through the air.

Just You and Me

Our boys look forward to their birthday dates with intense anticipation and Troy is so good to schedule work from home days so we can make them happen.Crew patiently waited for his promised birthday bubbles since oh, January. The bubbles were a hit with the kids standing in the longest…

Crew is Four

April 15, 2017 in Birthdays, Crew - No Comments

This boy has expressions for days and I just couldn’t narrow them down. Four things I love about Crew: He uses his full name when anyone asks him what his name is, but he blends it into one word; “CrewToddTanner.” He says a few words incorrectly and I can’t bring…