Proud To Be a Tanner

October 10, 2009 in Family History, Tanner Family - 6 Comments

I was incredibly privileged to marry into a family with a great legacy of service and dedication. This legacy started with a man named John Tanner, who was the first in his family to join our church in 1832. John Tanner was Troy’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Last night, we attended the…

The Name

December 10, 2007 in Blake, Family History, Tanner Family - No Comments

Blake’s middle name, William, is in honor of his great-grandfather William Tanner. Blake is part of a huge posterity from William Tanner, who has 13 children, 78 grandchildren, and now, 52 great-grandchildren. Of the 52 great-grandchildren so far, Blake is the very first baby boy to have the last name…