Salt Creek Outtakes

April 24, 2019 in Family Photos - No Comments

We had the quickest photo snapping session ever to get a family shot for our Christmas cards. We decided on overlooking the beach but it ended up being cold and windy so it was a good thing we had only set up a 15 minute mini session. It turns out…

2016 TanFam

March 3, 2017 in Family Photos - No Comments

My friend and I decided to be each other’s photographers for our family Christmas cards this year instead of forking over the big bucks for professional sessions. I really only needed one shot, and after delaying for three weekends because of rain, we finally got our one shot the first…

Family Photos

December 28, 2015 in Family Photos, Photography - No Comments

A few months ago, our neighbor who is a photographer braved the heat and humidity with us alongside thousands of flying gnats that were in a nearby field. It was truly a miserable evening to be outside, let alone expect cooperation for family photos. Somehow we still managed to walk…