The end of the school year is busier than December with all of the projects, parties and performances so I like to call it Maycember. Nash did a report on Albert Einstein. Blake had a strings performance. He carried that cello back and forth to school twice a week in…

Games on the Sidelines

October 10, 2019 in Baseball, Friends, Sports - No Comments

I love baseball season. Running into friends and neighbors and basking in the golden hour light on warm spring days. Watching my boys slowly improve their swings and make some plays in the field. I also love what happens on the sidelines. Settling in on beach chairs and timing the…


May 22, 2019 in Friends, Sports - No Comments

Having a backyard with enough room for a trampoline has been the greatest gift. When we were renting our townhouse, the boys got out their post dinner energy by running in circles around the kitchen island every night. Now, we just send them outside and they bounce and wrestle their…

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

May 21, 2019 in Easter, Friends - No Comments

One of the things we were looking forward to in our new neighborhood was the annual Easter egg hunt. We gathered for a full Easter feast and each family contributed candy filled eggs for the kids to find. Our street only has 10 houses and we sure aren’t lacking for…


May 13, 2019 in Beach, Friends, Newport - No Comments

We met my friend Kristen and her family at Newport Beach over President’s Day weekend. Crew and Finn put claw shovels on their hands and crawled around on their hands and knees all day. They called themselves “clobsters,” which I guess is a combination of a crab and a lobster….