Mother’s Day

As a mother, I experience the rawest of emotions. I struggle and ache and worry and hurt. I am frustrated and exasperated and exhausted. I have a tattered body and frazzled mind and tired spirit. But because I am a mother, I also experience moments deep, deep love that make…

Merry Merry

December 25, 2012 in Christmas, Gratitude - 2 Comments

I am so grateful for these children of mine. I’m grateful for how they look out for one another. How they genuinely love each other. And how even though they fight to no end (this isn’t even staged), they are quick to say “I’m sorry.” They truly are best friends….

On Feeling Grateful

October 8, 2012 in Gratitude, Pregnancy, Trials - 3 Comments

Let me start by saying thank you so much for all the love you showed me after my little announcement last week. It may be all the hormones, but I got so emotional reading the comments and seeing the “likes” climb into the hundreds. I’ve been dying to get it…


November 25, 2010 in Gratitude, Thanksgiving - 4 Comments

So much to be thankful for. We’ve been adding feathers all month (it may be obvious who added what). I’m a firm believer that gratitude equals happiness. We are certainly blessed.