Crew’s Birth Story

April 22, 2013 in Birth Stories, Crew, Hospital - 7 Comments

I started having contractions around noon on Monday, April 15th. I had just left playgroup with Nash and we were on our way to pick up Blake from school. I timed the contractions at five minutes apart. By the time we got home, they were painful enough that I wasn’t…


January 12, 2011 in Hospital, Nash, Surgery - 10 Comments

Troy came up with several pick up lines for Nash to use when he is older about filling the hole in his heart. Thankfully, he won’t get to use them, because that hole is now repaired.  Nash’s surgery for his Patent Ductus Arteriosis went really well. The recovery has been…

Pending Surgery

January 11, 2011 in Hospital, Nash, Surgery - 5 Comments

Nash goes in tomorrow for his heart surgery (read more here). We are gearing up for a long couple of days at the hospital. We are incredibly grateful for all of the kind thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way. (I also realized that I never did an…

Pokes and Shiners

December 4, 2010 in Hospital, Injuries, Surgery - 4 Comments

Speaking of worries, Nash’s heart issues were brought back to the surface after a few months of rest. We spent a downright awful day at the hospital for him to have another sedated echo. They had a really hard time getting an IV started in him, and after four painful…

Hospital Take Two

September 18, 2010 in Blake, Hospital, Injuries - 4 Comments

We became well acquainted with the children’s hospital this week. A couple of days after Nash’s surgery, Blake cracked the back of his head open. He was standing on a truck in the family room and fell, gouging his scalp on the corner fireplace tile. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen…

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