Rainy Days

I forgot that in Michigan, you can count on it raining at least one or two full days each week, destroying the option to meander along the beach. The view of the sand from our front porch was completely drenched with puddles. We’re not used to that much rain here…

Children’s Museum

May 4, 2011 in Indoor Activities - 7 Comments

We have an amazing children’s museum in our city. We finally went to check it out thanks to some passes from my friend. I loved all of the extra colorful touches that were found near the entrance. Blake was on cloud nine and had a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face…


April 22, 2011 in Indoor Activities - 4 Comments

A co-worker of Troy’s recently opened one of those trampoline arenas. He invited us to check it out. It’s safe to say that the boys thought they had died and gone to bouncy heaven. The warehouse had over 75 interconnected trampolines, including a specific arena for dodgeball. It’s a good…


April 12, 2011 in Indoor Activities - 4 Comments

I had so much fun building an animal village with my buddy Blake last night. I forgot that I was his mom for a while. I was genuinely enjoying our play time. Blake kept repeating, “This is really really really fun.” How could it not be fun with the awesome…


I love moments. Maybe not so much in the moments of trying to get a three-year-old to skip one little step in his nightly routine without a meltdown, or reasoning with a baby to keep one morsel of food on his highchair tray, but more in the moments of finding…


Guess who came to visit her new grandson and coordinate outfits with him? It was so nice to have my mom around for awhile, especially to entertain the toddler. Blake baked all sorts of treats with his “Ya-Ma Youlie” (Grandma Julie). Grandma taught Blake that cookies were a breakfast food….